A brief portrait by Jeremy Derl-Davis

I have been fascinated by Maggie’s work for many years and have a fair collection of it. Over the years she has become a very good friend and  an inspiration to me.

Maggie originates from Wolverhampton and studied a Foundation Course at Wolverhampton Art College in the 70’s and went on to study 3D Design at Cardiff College of Art. She first exhibited in the "Mid-Art" Open Exhibition in Dudley back in 1977. She was a teacher and lecturer of art for many years before art inevitably demanded all of her time. She is currently the membership secretary of the RBSA.  Her art is now highly sought after by print collectors and private collectors both here in the UK and abroad. Maggie’s work is regularly exhibited throughout Britain and around the world.

Her work is figurative and representational in many ways but as you will see her delicate etched lines of buildings, canals and people are contrasted by the dreamlike groupings of figures, dolls and puppets that come from the recesses of her brilliant mind.

Maggie has undertaken many commissions over the years and is happy to take on all manner of ideas. Maggie’s work can of course can be purchased. Details for owning a work or just general information, commissions, comments or questions are available on the contact page.   I hope very much you will enjoy her work.

Jeremy Derl-Davis


Mike Simms
Deputy Editor
Printmaking Today
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