Maggie Kitching

Printmaker,  Artist & Illustrator

Maggie's work is regularly exhibited. Her Etchings,  Drawings and Paintings are in private collections in Japan, Canada, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, USA and UK.   
Events this year 2018    

    Some exhibitions and places Maggie's work has been exhibited

Mall Galleries London
Art House – Brooklyn, New York
Open Portrait - RBSA Birmingham
Lessedra Painting – Sofia, Bulgaria
Malvern Gallery, Worcestershire
Pankhurst Centre Gallery, Manchester
Text-TOP KFT, Hungary
Art Exchange Gallery, Hull
Lahti Art Museum, Finland
Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries
Mini Print International Of Cadaqués, Spain 
Richard Doswell Gallery – Limmerick, Eire
Bankside Gallery, Blackfriars, London
Intaglio Printmakers - Islington, London
Duke of Clarence, Islington, London